Resources for Complex PTSD

Ledger - Complex PTSD Resources

There are other resources out there on the web. Do go look. Remember to evaluate the sites carefully when you look them over. For a starter here are two sources that I used when I was first learning about Complex PTSD.

*Complex PTSD Foundation (Canada)

*Mind U.K. (Great Britain)

Since I started looking for resources many more sites discuss Complex PTSD. (more coming)

*Why are these not U.S. resources? Well – there’s a reason for that. Short story the U.S. doesn’t recognize Complex PTSD as a specific pathology unto itself. In other words, CPTSD doesn’t show up in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as of 2021. But, in other nations, like Canada, Great Britain, most of Europe CPTSD is recognized.

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