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  • CPTSD : Life through a straw

    CPTSD : Life through a straw

    Each and everyone of us who walks on this earth has been plopped down at the grand buffet that is life. It is an enormous seemingly endless table. On this table is every variety of taste, sight, sound, smell, experience, joy and sorrow. You are allowed to take whatever you can from the table –…

  • Inventing Quicksand

    Inventing Quicksand

    If you are a writer querying a fantasy manuscript I can almost guarantee you have seen the phrase ‘rich world building’ in at least a dozen agent profiles or manuscript wish lists.

  • Writers and the Bird

    Writers and the Bird

    One writer unpacking their thoughts and asking questions about Twitter and the publishing industry. Stay with me as I try to unpack all my thoughts around this topic. I promise, I will try to be coherent.

  • Sanity Saver?

    Sanity Saver?

    Time to talk about a feature of the professional level of Query Tracker called the timeline. I find myself checking it daily. Just keeping an eye on things. And I’ll admit I like observing how agents go through their inboxes. Some agents are methodical and step through their inboxes one query at a time. Some…

  • Too Good to be True?

    Too Good to be True?

    This morning started over at the Writer Beware Blog where I saw this post: America’s Next Great Author: The Author Reality Show Idea Rides Again. If you saw the advertising for the show, or even if you didn’t, give the blog post a read. I found the break-down of the contract helpful. The deadline for…

  • VSS: Jun. 29, 2022 – Survival

    VSS: Jun. 29, 2022 – Survival

    As a child, survival meant becoming small, silent, erasing myself or breaking off pieces. Wanting was dangerous, get rid of it. Noise was dangerous, get rid of it. Presence was dangerous, get rid of it. Until nothing was left to prove I was there.

  • An Analogy: the Wetsuit

    An Analogy: the Wetsuit

    People often find it difficult to explain, or to understand Complex PTSD. I often find myself falling into metaphor or analogy to explain the experience. The reason for using an abstraction is because in Complex PTSD the particulars from one person to another vary – greatly. I have found that trying to paint a detailed…

  • By Jove – I think I finally get it.

    By Jove – I think I finally get it.

    This post is probably going to sound a lot like bragging – but I promise there is a point at the end… I am challenging myself to do ‘one big thing a day’. Why? Because I stand in amazement at what an ordinary human can accomplish in a morning. For decades I have watched friends…

  • The Beginning Writer: ah, humility

    The Beginning Writer: ah, humility

    I am here at my desk taking big calming breaths as I look at a mountain. A figurative mountain, but still it is impressive and daunting in its size for a beginning writer. I have to climb it. It’s not a question of do I want to or do I not. It is a necessity.…

  • Gabby Petito – Another Lost

    Gabby Petito – Another Lost

    The video of the stop in Moab Utah. Fair warning – It is hard to watch. I heard the news this morning about Gabby Petito as I checked my feeds. The confirmation of my worst fears was there, displayed on the screen. I heard there was a video of the interaction with law enforcement in…