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Book Review : Wild Things Will Roam

Wild Things Will Roam, the debut novel by K.M. West, is a post-apocalyptic gore fest with a soul. The surprises don’t stop there.

The concept that the things that go bump in the night are still with us is reframed. The beasties are wearing new fangs in the wilds left behind by the destruction of our familiar order. The idea is handled so skillfully that the reader is left wondering what might already be staring back from the dark. more...

New T-Shirt (aka. I did a thing)

On the back

Change your spots for no one.
A patch of leopard spots

From Thinking Too Loud: Off the Rails

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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a bitch.
I was trying for something more academic sounding, but let’s face it, I’m not on that plane today. Nope, today is one of those days where I’m just trying to figure out where I put my sh*t. Or, more accurately, where I lost it.

I know when. That much I am certain of. But, where all my bits scattered to after that I have no bloody idea. I’m off the rails, ground to a halt and trying to find a way to right myself and start moving again.

I hate this.

And yet, I know this process very well. This is a cornerstone of my CPTSD. This cycle repeats itself ad nauseum. Every time through this process these days I’m better at being able to identify which part of the cycle I am in. That, although it sounds trivial is a huge step. Continue

New Haiku

New Video for Upcoming Novel: Unhomed


I am finally bending to heads wiser than my own and developing this page as my presence as an author on the internet…
along with how many other millions of people.

Congratulations on finding me.

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Mental Health

On the mental health side of things, some of you may know me by my writing on Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) at ThinkingTooLoud.org.

I have no plans to quit blogging over there. But, like almost everything in my life, it’s a wait and see.

Intentions, road to Hell and all that.

For more information on CPTSD, memes, and resources see the Mental Health Index. My blog ThinkingTooLoud is now here.

My Book — Unhomed

Seeing as how I already mentioned it. I wrote a book.
Then I wrote another one.
Another one followed that. So now I had three.

But, this book, Unhomed, is special because this is the book that is being published.

I am pleased to announce my novel will be published by Lights Out Ink