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New Post: Out of Left Field: It Really Isn’t a Surprise

What is Complex PTSD?

Dear Reader:
You might notice the website has had a pruning. Well there’s a story behind that.
The story involves skullduggery of the highest order, scams, much hair pulling and the gnashing of teeth.
Suffice it to say, there’s shenanigans, and not the fun type, going on out there.
I’ll be assembling some of the news to disseminate in a bit. But, for now, enjoy the almost zen-like simplicity.
Over the next few weeks look for me to be reintroducing and taking the opportunity to reorganize a few things.





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     Stones Unbalanced by Wave: Pixabay/No-longer-here/zen-stones-stones-zen-balance-2774524
     Dewdrops on Dandelion: Pixabay/cocoparisienne/waterdrop-water-pearls-raindrop-862316
     Lamps on the Beach: Pixabay/LTapsaH/night-sleet-sea-water-sky-seaside-1374501