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From Thinking Too Loud

What is Complex-PTSD (CPTSD)

Definition of C-PTSD

Complex post – traumatic stress disorder is a psychological disorder that can develop in response to prolonged, repeated experience of trauma in a context where the individual has little or no chance of escape.

Honestly, I can’t remember if these are my words or not. Please tell me if they are yours.

That is the clinical definition of Complex-PTSD. Other resources will explain C-PTSD as a form of PTSD that has other overlying factors. The two can be easily confused if you don’t start with the definition. The definition above holds some key phrases. Continue

From The Thinking Read

Book Review: Dark Apprentice

Wow, I really dislike Nikolai Fedorov.

I know this guy. He is the guy who smirks when they think you can’t see. He is the guy convinced of their own superiority.

From the first page to the last Nikolai, the main character, is both protagonist and antagonist in his own story. He undoes himself at every turn. And, by the end, he has learned absolutely nothing, grown not one hair, and is still the conniving creature he was at the beginning.  Continue

From Thinking Too Loud: A Little Victory

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I didn’t have a migraine last night.
Read that sentence again because I’m going to explain WHY? that is a big deal. Ready?

One of the symptoms of my Complex PTSD, since I was 12 perhaps, has been debilitating blinding headaches. I could expect expect 3-4 nights out of the year that I would spend sleeping on the bathroom floor. Continue

New Haiku

Haiku: Down, down the black hole. I fall, curled about myself. To the dark, the deep.

New Video for Upcoming Novel: Unhomed


I am finally bending to heads wiser than my own and developing this page as my presence as an author on the internet…
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Congratulations on finding me.

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Mental Health

On the mental health side of things, some of you may know me by my writing on Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) at ThinkingTooLoud.org.

I have no plans to quit blogging over there. But, like almost everything in my life, it’s a wait and see.

Intentions, road to Hell and all that.

For more information on CPTSD, memes, and resources see the Mental Health Index. My blog ThinkingTooLoud is now here.

My Book — Unhomed

Seeing as how I already mentioned it. I wrote a book.
Then I wrote another one.
Another one followed that. So now I had three.

But, this book, Unhomed, is special because this is the book that is being published.

I am pleased to announce my novel will be published by Lights Out Ink