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  • A Sharp Left

    A Sharp Left

    Never accuse me of going in a straight line. I swear I think it is impossible for me to have one thread going in my life on any front. For example, I’m querying a novel. I’m finishing the last, last, last, oh please let them be the last edits, I’ve written a spiffy new database, […]


  • “Did the rabbit die?”

    “Did the rabbit die?”

    Greetings from the querying trench. Pull up a box, it’s time to see how things are going. In short. They aren’t. Piffle. So, it’s time to disassemble this beastie and see what’s amissin’. The Totals as of November 24, 2022, leaving out the poetry, also not consigning the one possible silent rejection entirely to the […]

CPTSD Research

  • Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    An encounter with a troll drove me back to looking at the research. So I guess I owe the troll a “Thank you.”


  • VSS: Jun. 29, 2022 – Survival

    VSS: Jun. 29, 2022 – Survival

    As a child, survival meant becoming small, silent, erasing myself or breaking off pieces. Wanting was dangerous, get rid of it. Noise was dangerous, get rid of it. Presence was dangerous, get rid of it. Until nothing was left to prove I was there.