Write to recover from complex ptsd

There are two main topics around here, writing and recovery from Complex PTSD. There is no wrong door, so feel free to explore. Complex PTSD and writing to recovery; my life line is a trail of ink accross the page.

From Thinking Too Loud

What is Complex-PTSD (CPTSD)

Definition of C-PTSD

The hole at our center from Complex PTSD (cptsd)
A symptom of Complex PTSD (cptsd) Have you felt like this?

Complex post – traumatic stress disorder is a psychological disorder that can develop in response to prolonged, repeated experience of trauma in a context where the individual has little or no chance of escape.

Honestly, I can’t remember if these are my words or not. Please tell me if they are yours.

That is the clinical definition of Complex-PTSD. Other resources will explain C-PTSD as a form of PTSD that has other overlying factors. The two can be easily confused if you don’t start with the definition. The definition above holds some key phrases. Continue

New : Easy Ultimate Editing Checklist

I’ve been scouring the internet for the a checklist for editing my novel. That has proven to be harder than I thought. I wanted a list, a big literal list of mistakes I should eradicate in my manuscript. Particularly around my bane in the English language – the comma.

I wasn’t finding it. So, I did what any hyper-driven, hyper-independent person would do – I made my own.
Is this the final version of all my efforts? Not likely. I’ll keep tweaking this as I find more things to make sure I weed out of my manuscript.

Check it out!

Survivors’ Voices

The Complex PTSD Survivor Voices Series. This strives to be a safe place for Complex PTSD survivors to write about their experiences. Our stories are as different as our journeys.


I am finally bending to heads wiser than my own and developing this page as my presence as an author on the internet…
along with how many other millions of people.

Congratulations on finding me.

The Thinking Read is my blog for my non-mental health topics.

Essays, Stories, 100 words, and more are available from the Writing Index.

Complex PTSD

On the mental health side of things, some of you may know me by my writing on Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) at ThinkingTooLoud.org.

I have no plans to quit blogging over there. But, like almost everything in my life, it’s a wait-and-see.

Intentions, road to Hell, and all that.

For more information on CPTSD, memes, and resources see the Complex PTSD Index. My blog ThinkingTooLoud is now here.

My Book — Unhomed

Concept cover for Unhomed. One day. *sigh*.

Seeing as how I already mentioned it. I wrote a book.
Then I wrote another one.
Another one followed that. So now I had three.
Oops, make that four.

I’m deep in the querying trenches. Here’s to finding a publisher or agent who can fall in love with a book with a neurotypical MC, an Eastern European-like setting, intrigue, betrayal, and, of course, a few dragons.