In the Trenches: Up and Down the Long Road

Roller Coaster at Night Image by Dietmar Wiedemann from Pixabay


I knew querying was going to be a slog. I was prepared for the long uphill. But, somehow, looking at June 1 (okay, 2) on the calendar is just — an anticipated but not relished milestone. And still it goes.

I’m not going to stress about it, too much. Why? Well, because I keep turning up new and exciting agents to approach. Folks who might really ‘get’ the idea behind the novel. I’ll admit, I would love to meet someone who did.

So, I’ve been busily sending out new queries. Five in the last three days. And, at least one of those agents is — I think — a very good match. The rest are good matches, don’t get me wrong, but one is very good.

I need to get back to the book reviews. I’ve been devouring the works of Scott Lynch recently. The other thing keeping me off the street corners is a new idea that I am fleshing out in those last thoughts of the day.

This newest idea is a new direction for me. And I’ll admit, I do have my tongue firmly planted in cheek. Will it work? We shall have to wait and see.

I am toying with the idea of accelerating my querying for Book 1. Why? Well, I think it is just keeping me a bit stymied. I’ve not really burrowed into another project. And that is not how things need to go around here. I have work to finish, and hopefully, the publishing gods be kind, put out into the world.

So, flip a coin, roll a die. What’s the next place where I shall apply my very limited time?

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