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  • Unpacking: COVID and ‘brain disease’

    Unpacking: COVID and ‘brain disease’

    IF anything, this study has demonstrated that mental health is interwoven with physical health. The first order is to preserve life, but we must not abandon the fundamental human need to live.

  • A brief ode to 2020

    A brief ode to 2020

    Just like 2020, if you say it five times fast it’ll make your head spin.

  • Christmas Consumerism – Be Gone!

    Christmas Consumerism – Be Gone!

    It’s November. 2020. Covid. Trump. Systemic racism. Out-right racism. Police brutality. Did I mention pandemic? You know, I’m already tired. I was seeing Christmas candy in the grocery store before Halloween. Before. It was like the entire world said – Hey if we can’t go door to door begging candy and tooth rot let’s just…

  • Coming Alive Amidst a Pandemic.

    Coming Alive Amidst a Pandemic.

    Oh, the irony. Thirty plus years of Being various degrees of suicidal And now we have a pandemic Upending the world I want to live.

  • Guest Post: from Carrie About Anxiety and Masks

    I keep seeing people complaining that they can’t breathe in face masks. They describe feeling light headed, they fear that they’re not getting enough oxygen. They describe feeling tightness in their chests, tingling in their extremities. They feel confused and claustrophobic. Baby, that’s not oxygen shortage, you’re just having an anxiety response. Welcome to the…

  • Covid: I was waiting for someone to point this out.

    I wish I had said this, but this is perhaps the most comprehensive and cogent information I have seen. If you have a link to this person’s blog entry, please share it. I want to link directly to the blog. On VirusesFrom J.Wade via FaceBook Chicken pox is a virus. Lots of people have had…

  • CPTSD: Coronavirus and Mental health

    To all my extrovert friends. I’m sorry you are suffering from this prolonged visit to my kind of world. But, in all honesty, if it were not for your discomfort. I would wish the world like this always. I like quiet. I like silence. To me, these things are good.They are safe. They are peaceful…